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Q.My daughter always walks around with a heavy bath towel on her head. Is the Turbie Twist one size fits all?

A. Yes! Unlike bulky bath towels, the Turbie Twist has an elastic loop in the back which allows women of all ages to twist and pull through the loop as far as necessary to fit comfortably. It is great for Kids & Adults!

Q.How is the Turbie Twist different from an ordinary towel?

A. Ordinary bath towels are bulky and fall off. The Turbie Twist is lightweight and it Stays in Place! Featuring a unique tapered design, the Turbie Twist allows for a perfect fit on all head sizes making it great for Kids and Adults! The lightweight design also reduces neck strain. Through savings in laundry and blow drying time the product practically pays for itself. Less blow drying = healthier hair!

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